Everything You Ever Thought You Knew About Animals Is WRONG. #6… Are You Serious?

You probably think you know a decent amount about animals; after all, you’ve been around them your entire life. As it turns out, most people believe some things that everyone accepts as “facts” about animals, but they’re completely false. Most of these animal “facts” started out as a guess or rumor, but somewhere along the line people accepted them as the gospel truth without any facts to support it (which is kind of strange). You’ll be surprised just how many of these you probably accidentally believed.

1.) Mice actually don’t like cheese more than other foods. People in the Middle Ages thought they did, but only because it might have been the only food source available.


2.) The color red doesn’t anger bulls. Matadors just happen to be decorated in red and use a red flag. The bulls would attack them either way because of the bullfighter’s attacks.


3.) Goldfish do not have a 3-second memory. They actually can retain memories for a couple of months.


She even began “texting” her friends with handwritten messages, something that isn’t seen often enough nowadays.


5.) Dogs aren’t completely colorblind. They can see ranges of blue, yellow and grey.


6.) Camels don’t store water in their humps. Their humps are actually made up of fat stores for energy.


7.) Lemmings don’t commit mass suicide. This was popularized by a 1950s Disney Film called “White Wilderness.”


8.) It’s not true that scientific calculations indicate that bees shouldn’t be able to fly. We know why bees can fly.


9.) Daddy longlegs aren’t the most venomous spiders in the world and they CAN bite a human, but it would only result in minor discomfort.


10.) Cutting a worm in half would not create 2 new worms. Only the section with the head would grow another tail.


11.) Elephants don’t go anywhere specific to die, like an elephant graveyard.


12.) House flies don’t have a lifespan of 24 hours. They typically live 20-30 days.


13.) Dogs do not sweat through their tongues. They actually sweat through their paw pads, but panting does help cool them down.


(H/T Ebaumsworld) There may be more “hows” and “whys” to these misconception corrections, but the bottom line is this: don’t believe what your grade school teachers taught you about animals. They were probably wrong.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/facts-about-animals/

Everything You Ever Thought You Knew About Animals Is WRONG. #6… Are You Serious? is courtesy of Health Supplements


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