On ‘Yo! Show,’ president chooses sides in ‘American Idol’ feud


The crew of the “Morning Mayhem” radio show already settled the question of whether the president considers red or green chiles an ally, so what other outstanding issues are there to cover? Well, there are the rising tensions between judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj which threaten to upset the delicate balance of power on “American Idol.”

First ‘Pimp with a limp” now DJ Michael “Yo” Simmons the “half-black brother with a Korean Mother” that Obama is just oh so presidential.

— Tracy Lee (@RememberComeNov) October 13, 2012

Appearing on Miami’s Y100 FM on Friday with DJ Michael Yo, “the half-black brother with the Korean mother,” the president managed to insert himself into the “American Idol” controversy. “You know what, I think they are going to be able to work it out,” the president said. “I’m all about bringing people together.” Unfortunate, then, that the president was too busy to meet with foreign leaders face-to-face during the U.N. General Assembly due to his busy television schedule.

No time for Netanyahu, but Obama manages to squeeze an interview with Miami’s Y100 Michael YO Show into his busy schedule

— Gary (@GConRap) October 13, 2012

The president also addressed his performance at the debate, saying he “was probably a little too polite.”

President Obama is scheduled to appear on “The Daily Show” next week, so the White House press corps might have to wait a little longer for answers to questions that didn’t come up on “The Yo! Show.”

@jaketapper Not Libya coverup?

— Chris Child (@cdc444) October 13, 2012

@jaketapper this is ridiculous

— DefeatingObama (@DefeatingObama) October 13, 2012

@jaketapper Mr. Tapper perhaps you can promise the President you won’t ask about anything but Honey Boo or Teletubbies and get him again?

— Grim Dabber (@Harlekwin15) October 13, 2012

@jaketapper I feel like I’ve crossed into the twilight zone.

— MsGraceyP (@MsGraceyP) October 13, 2012

Michael Yo – Obama Interview y100.com/player/?mid=22… glad King Putt has the time to comment on things that matter Libya, American idol judges

— Grim Dabber (@Harlekwin15) October 13, 2012

@jaketapper When was the last time the President took questions from White House media?

— Ty Bailey (@Ty_Bailey1970) October 13, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/10/13/on-yo-show-president-chooses-sides-in-mariah-careynicki-minaj-american-idol-feud/

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