Top 15 things that are better leaders than Obama!/skyflame1/status/213787136221122560

It seems Twitter finds President Obama’s leadership to be lacking. Therefore, Twitter users have decided to name all the people–and things–they consider to be a #BetterLeaderThanObama. Here are the top 15 non-people that tweeps think would make a better leader than Obama.

Bacon #BetterLeaderThanObama

— Savannah the Bossy (@thesavvy) June 15, 2012

#BetterLeaderThanObama The average housecat.

— Red Pontiac (@Pont2007) June 16, 2012

#BetterLeaderThanObama A log

— Sister Honey (D) (@Herfarm) June 16, 2012

A cardboard box.#BetterLeaderThanObama

— Mike R (@This_I_Defend) June 16, 2012

A car elevator. #BetterLeaderThanObama

— Casey Kim (@caseykim12) June 16, 2012

#BetterLeaderThanObama A Cabbage Patch Doll

— Bella Pelosi (@BellaPelosi) June 16, 2012

Wile E. Coyote #BetterLeaderThanObama

— I.M. Freedomlover (@BO_Must_Go_2012) June 16, 2012

#BetterLeaderThanObama … My daughter's ”math is hard” Barbie.

— Monika (@MonikaMusing) June 15, 2012

Spoiled Milk. #BetterLeaderThanObama

— Justen Charters (@JustenCharters) June 15, 2012

Rainbow Brite #BetterLeaderThanObama

— Amanda (@amahark) June 15, 2012

#BetterLeaderThanObama Spineless invertebrates

— Allan Spurr (@alspurr) June 15, 2012

Algae #BetterLeaderThanObama

— James Leer (@LeerPopper) June 16, 2012

#BetterLeaderThanObama Elvis Presley's last half-eaten peanut butter/banana sandwich

— Jennifer (@TheNewJenn) June 16, 2012

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