Jay Carney: Bowing to demand White House at last will releaseâ beerrecipe


It’s a start, at least. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney this evening announced that the most transparent administration ever will bow to public pressure and release the recipe for its home-brewed Honey Ale — if enough people log on and sign a petition.

The petition is indeed real and has a goal of 25,000 signatures. It’s hosted on the White House’s “We the People” site, which promises to give “all Americans a way to engage their government on the issues that matter to them.”

Flip-flop alert! Just hours before, Carney had said he wasn’t aware of any plans to release the recipe.

No White House Honey Ale recipe will be released — even despite petitions and Freedom of Information Act requests (!) http://t.co/IY9xWqg4

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) August 23, 2012

Who knew it was so easy to tap into White House secrets with just a petition?



.@PressSec Forget the WH beer recipe. Release the college transcripts and passport information.

— Randy Spangler (@RandySpangler) August 24, 2012

@PressSec @wethepeople I think Obama’s college transcripts would be interesting. SS #, foreign national etc

— PieMan (@Pieman211) August 24, 2012



@PressSec @wethepeople I just want 2 note that MOST of us aren’t interested in a beer recipe, but how about a budget? Just a thought. #tcot

— Marybeth (@MBGlenn) August 24, 2012

If you can’t wait for the petition to reach the threshold, others are offering alternative recipes.

Save you the trouble,
1. Water
2. Sugar
3. Koolaid
@PressSec: Got a Q today on @wethepeople petition asking us to share WH beer recipe:

— Thom (@tatt2d) August 24, 2012

@PressSec @wethepeople @whitehouse How about a recipe for jobs!

— David Cook (@dcook2006) August 24, 2012


@PressSec @wethepeople now that the economy is fixed we can move on to beer!

— Walter White (@HeizenbergBB) August 24, 2012

For now, at least, it seems you have to drink it to find out what’s in it. But what should we call it? Let’s consult Twitter for some #ObamaBeerNames.

#ObamaBeerNames You Didn’t Brew That

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) August 24, 2012

#ObamaBeerNames Blame Busch

— Razor (@hale_razor) August 24, 2012

#ObamaBeerNames Bitter Clinger #tcot

— BreitTwit (@BreitTwit1) August 24, 2012

Fosters Dependency #ObamaBeerNames

— Kathy Wilkins-Jones (@KwjKathy) August 24, 2012

#obamabeernames Epic Fail Ale

— Colorado Tea Tweets (@COTeaTweets) August 24, 2012

#ObamaBeerNames Un-Constitution-ale

— LimeInDaCoconut (@EgoAenigma) August 24, 2012

Throws Like a St Pauli Girl #ObamaBeerNames

— One Who Remembers (@lheal) August 24, 2012

#ObamaBeerNames The Audacity of Hops

— Scott C (@croncrete) August 24, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/23/jay-carney-bowing-to-demand-white-house-at-last-will-release-beer-recipe/

Jay Carney: Bowing to demand, White House at last will release… beer recipe is republished from Dr. Manuka Honey


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