37 Eye-Opening, Shocking Examples of What 200 Calories Looks Like in Various Foods.

These days we all seem to be counting our calories, but it’s sometimes hard to visualize exactly how many calories we are consuming. Not anymore! This cool visual list of 37 various foods compares what 200 calories actually look like in different foods. You’d think that even with Summer coming up, a handful of gummy bears couldn’t hurt much. Well, as it turns out just 1.8 ounces (51 grams) of those delicious little guys gives you the same amount of calories as nearly 21 ounces (600 grams) of broccoli or 3 whole eggs would. Check out the pictures below:

1) Apples

2) Jack in the Box Cheeseburger

3) Canned Black Beans

4) Werther’s Originals Candy

5) Jack in the Box Chicken Sandwich

6) Broccoli

7) Glazed Doughnut

8) French Sandwich Roll

9) Avacado

10) Corn

11) Baby Carrots

12) Canned Peas

13) Canned Pork and Beans

14) Celery

15) Coca Cola

16) Doritos

17) Dried Apricots

18) Jack in the Box French Fries

19) Fried Bacon

20) Fruit Loops

21) Grapes

22) Splenda

23) Gummy Bears

24) Hershey Kisses

25) Mini Peppers

26) Honeydew Melon

27) Hot Dogs

28) Jelly Beans

29) Ketchup

30) Kiwi

31) M&Ms

32) Onions

33) Sliced Smoked Turkey

34) Eggs

35) Smarties/Rockets

36) Tootsie Pops

37) Whole Milk

As interesting as that list was, my brain just turns this into “So, you’re telling me I can have the donut?” Source: wiseGEEK Share this list with your friends so they know exactly how many calories they are consuming when they eat two delicious raw onions.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/200-calories/

The following post 37 Eye-Opening, Shocking Examples of What 200 Calories Looks Like in Various Foods. is courtesy of http://drmanukahoney.com/


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